Location: South Slave, Northwest Territories
Est. Size: 178,000 Acres
Ownership: Kidme 1
60% SouthernEra Diamonds Inc
40% Diamonds North

Kidme 2
50% SouthernEra Diamonds Inc
50% Diamonds North
Opportunity: Discovery of new kimberlites adjacent to a proven diamond deposit

The Kidme property is located 20 kilometres south along trend of the Gahcho Kue deposit, which De Beers Canada Inc. and its joint venture partners have estimated holds a diamond resource of over US$3 billion.

In 2002, Diamonds North acquired the rights to a 40% interest in the Kidme property while the claims were subject to a long-standing property dispute. In May 2003, the dispute was settled in favour of joint venture partners Diamonds North and SouthernEra Diamonds Inc. The dispute resulted in the Kidme project being one of the only properties adjacent to a potential diamond mine, and it remains virtually unexplored. The partners then staked an additional 80,000 acres of claims to protect targets near the southern boundaries of the property.

The 2005 exploration program consisted of approximately 100 line kilometres of ground geophysics that included magnetic, HLEM and gravity surveys over 18 airborne targets, as well as the collection of approximately 100 till samples.

The 2006 exploration plans for the Kidme project include additional ground geophysical surveying, and a drill program to test at least three high-priority targets.

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