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# Mon Dec 6, 2004
Amaruk Kimberlite Float Diamondiferous

Vancouver, December 6th, 2004 - Diamonds North Resources Ltd. (DDN - TSX Venture) announces that the kimberlite float discovered on the Amaruk property in Nunavut is diamondiferous. Although only seven diamonds were recovered from the 287 kilogram sample of kimberlite float, it confirms at this early stage that Amaruk is potentially a new diamond district in Canada.

Very compelling G10 and eclogitic garnet compositions recovered from various parts of the property in the 2004 till samples support the potential for highly diamondiferous kimberlites on Amaruk (see website for G10 Plot). In addition, multiple indicator mineral dispersion trains are emerging from the data suggesting the occurrence of kimberlites in clusters. A drill program will be announced for 2005 upon receipt of all relevant data.

The kimberlite float collected from one location on the property during a two day site visit was split into 4 groups based on subtle lithological variations. A portion of each sample was submitted for microdiamond recovery and indicator mineral analysis. The diamond recoveries are shown below.
             |                Sieve Size (mm)                 |
Sample   Wt  | +0.105  +0.150  +0.212  +0.300  +0.425  +0.605 | Total
1      67.63 |   2       1       2       0       0       0    |  5
2     144.97 |   1       1       0       0       0       0    |  2
Note: no diamonds were recovered from a 47.11 kg and a 27.77 kg sample.
Evaluation of the kimberlite indicator minerals from the kimberlite float and till samples will provide the joint venture with important information for anomaly discrimination. The data will be used for drill target selection during the 2005 drill program to ensure that the most prospective targets are drilled. The kimberlite indicator mineral data from the kimberlite float is expected before year end.

The objectives of the 2004 Amaruk exploration program exceeded expectations in that the kimberlite float proves the area is diamondiferous and the indicator mineral chemistry received to date from till samples establishes that there is potential for highly diamondiferous kimberlites in multiple clusters on the property. Potential drill targets are being selected using a combination of the 11,000 line kilometres of airborne data and results from the 3205 till samples as they are received.

The Amaruk project comprises more than 8 million acres of claims and permits held jointly by Diamonds North (50%) and BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc. (50%). The project is currently funded by BHP Billiton which holds an option to earn an additional 10% by completing a feasibility study on the property by 2011. BHP Billiton's expenditure commitment of $2.0 million was expanded to $4.5 million in 2004.

Bruce Kienlen (P.Geol) and Graham Gill (P. Geo) are Diamonds North's qualified persons reviewing the data for the project.

Diamonds North is a dynamic exploration team focused on strategically advancing diamond opportunities and determined to discover Canada's next diamond mine.


Mark Kolebaba

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