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# Mon Mar 8, 2004
Diamonds North Resources Ltd.: Snow Goose Diamond Results

  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--Diamonds North Resources Ltd. (DDN-TSX Venture) announces diamond results from the Snow Goose and Gosling kimberlites. A total of 172 diamonds were recovered from a composite 934.27 kilograms of sample material collected from 65 samples obtained from three holes drilled into the Snow Goose kimberlite. Twenty-three diamonds (13%) are classified as macrodiamonds with at least one dimension greater than 0.5mm. Three stones are greater than 1.0mm in at least one dimension.

Eight diamonds were also recovered from 27.8 kilograms of sample material derived from one sample collected from a drill hole cored into the Gosling kimberlite. One of the 8 stones recovered (13%) is a macrodiamond with at least one dimension measuring more than 0.5mm.

The Snow Goose kimberlite is located in the northwest portion of the twenty kilometer long, diamondiferous Galaxy Kimberlite Structure; the Gosling kimberlite is located approximately 250 metres south of Snow Goose.

The above results are from the 2003 exploration program on the Blue Ice Project which was jointly funded by Diamonds North and Teck Cominco Ltd according to an agreement dated June 18, 2003. Under the terms of the agreement and upon receipt of all diamond data, Teck Cominco may initiate an option to earn a 30% interest in the Blue Ice Property by spending the next $9.5 million over three years. Plans for the 2004 Victoria Island exploration program are underway.

                                             DIAMONDS RECOVERED

Sample            Weight   Total         +0.5 mm            +1.0 mm
#     Kimberlite   (Kg)   Diamonds 1 Axis 2 Axis 3 Axes   1 Axis 2 Axes
03-13 Snow Goose  323.42    72       10      6      4        3      0
03-14 Snow Goose  440.23    58        7      0      0        0      0
03-16 Snow Goose  170.62    42        6      3      1        0      0
Total Snow Goose  934.27   172       23      9      5        3      0

03-17 Gosling      27.8      8        1      0      0        0      0

The largest stones from the Snow Goose and Gosling samples have the following dimensions.

                     Largest stones (mm)
Kimberlite              X     Y     Z
Snow Goose            1.08  0.83  0.69
Snow Goose            1.05  0.97  0.5
Snow Goose            1.28  0.57  0.32
Gosling               0.77  0.40  0.13

Full Square Mesh Sieve diamond results for the reported samples are presented below.

                                           Sieve Sizes
Sample Kimberlite Weight +0.600 +0.425 +0.300 +0.212 +0.150 +0.100 TOTAL
 #                  (Kg)   mm     mm     mm     mm     mm     mm
03-13  Snow Goose  323.42   4      3      7     12     13     33    72
03-14  Snow Goose  440.23   0      0      4     17     13     24    58
03-16  Snow Goose  170.62   1      1      5      3     14     18    42
03-17  Gosling      27.8    0      0      1      0      4      3     8

The Snow Goose kimberlite is represented by an intense, circular magnetic anomaly that measures approximately 300 metres by 250 metres. Two holes (BI-03-13 and BI-03-14) were drilled at a -60 inclination along a northeast-southwest section located in the west central portion of the anomaly to determine the lateral extents of both the north and south margins of the kimberlite and to provide a larger sample volume. BI-03-13 was drilled from northeastward while BI-03-14 was collared 20 metres north of BI-03-13 and drilled to the southwest. The two holes cored a predominant magmaclastic kimberlite breccia in the upper sections of the kimberlite before encountering lesser hypabyssal phases at depth. Each hole was terminated in massive limestone units. Both kimberlite lithologies contain coarse olivine macrocrysts and other visible mantle-derived material. The upper magmaclastic unit is characterized by upward of 50% country rock xenoliths, preserved wood and mudstone fragments likely causing a strong dilutionary effect on diamond counts.

Drill hole BI-03-16 was drilled to the northeast (at a -60 dip) along a parallel section located 100 metres southeast of holes BI-03-13 and 14 to test the eastern extent of the main Snow Goose kimberlite and to define its northern limits. This hole encountered kimberlite breccia to a down hole depth of 85.50 metres before coring an additional 17 metres of hypabyssal kimberlite and limestone breccia and ending in dolomitic limestone country rock. The kimberlite breccia intersected differs from that in holes BI-03-13 and 14 as there is an apparent lack of magmaclasts and indicator minerals are dominated by chromite and clinopyroxene rather than ilmenite and pyrope garnets.

The Gosling kimberlite is represented by a linear magnetic low measuring 500 metres in strike length and up to 50 metres in width which appears to intersect the southern margin of the Snow Goose kimberlite. Gosling was tested by drill hole BI-03-17 (drilled to the northeast at a -70 inclination) which intersected 1.98 metres (true width) of magmaclastic kimberlite breccia containing olivine macrocrysts and indicator minerals before ending in dolomitic limestone.

Kimberlite samples were split and logged in secure facilities at the field camp by qualified geoscientists. Samples were securely sealed in solid containers and shipped by air to SGS Lakefield in Ontario. SGS Lakefield's standard caustic fusion diamond recovery method was utilized for all samples. SGS Lakefield is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to the ISO 17025 standard for specific registered tests.

Mr. D. G. Gill, P.Geo. is the Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101 for Diamonds North Resources Ltd. and was responsible for implementing the 2003 Blue Ice program and providing quality control on all data returned.

Diamonds North Resources Ltd. is a diamond exploration company with more than 12 projects covering over six million acres in Canada's Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Diamonds North's projects include early stage drill targeting to more advanced kimberlite evaluation.

On behalf of Diamonds North Resources Ltd.

Mark Kolebaba, President


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