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Diamonds North has generated one of the most prospective diamond project portfolios in Canada. The current portfolio consists of over 12 projects, covering 10 million acres of highly prospective ground located in Canada's north. Diamonds North's ability to consistently generate and rapidly advance quality projects, offers our shareholders multiple opportunities to discover Canada's next diamond mine.

The portfolio pipeline provides the Company with an effective and clear direction for advancing each project. Diamonds North has advanced five projects to the drill-ready stage: Amaruk, Hepburn, Victoria Island, Kidme and Carp.✧

The "concept stage" refers to opportunities that are strategically identified by using proprietary techniques. At the regional level, geological, geophysical and geochemical procedures are used to determine the prospectivity of an area.

During the target identification stage, first-pass exploration programs such as systematic geochemical sampling, regional airborne surveying, and prospecting are used.

If suitable targets are identified, they are drill-tested. Target testing confirms the presence or absence of kimberlite, and determines whether a kimberlite hosts diamonds.

At the micro-diamond analysis stage, additional drilling is done to gather volume and diamond distribution data, which will provide the confidence necessary to continue to the bulk sampling stage.

At the bulk sampling stage, several tonnes of kimberlite are extracted to determine the grade of the kimberlite body and value of the diamonds, ultimately determining the economic potential of the kimberlite.

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