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  Thu Jun 22, 2006
Diamonds North Receives King Eider Diamond Results

  VANCOUVER, June 22, 2006 - Diamonds North Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: DDN) has received the complete 2005 diamond results for the King Eider kimberlite on the 100% owned Victoria Island project in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. The results are from 1697.5 kilograms of drill core, submitted by the previous operator, Teck Cominco Limited plus 576.9 kilograms of drill core and a 1053.6 kilogram trench sample submitted by Diamonds North. The square mesh diamond results are shown below in Table 1.

Table 1:



Sieve Size (mm)



Sample Weight (kg)













2005 Trench














2005 3/4 Split Core














2005 1/4 Split Core














2004 Core














* Sieve sizes vary from +0.106 mm to +0.105mm due to two different laboratories used for analysis.

A 0.31 carat diamond was one of 9 larger stones recovered from a 1053.6 kilogram trench sample collected by Diamonds North. The 9 larger diamonds that exceeded the 0.85mm screen mesh comprised 83% of the total diamond weight. This sample further demonstrates the presence of larger diamonds in the King Eider kimberlite which is consistent with the 679 kilogram drill core sample collected in 2004.

NQ2 sized kimberlite drill core collected by Teck Cominco was split and separated into two separate samples, a ¾ split and a ¼ split. The ¾ and ¼ split core samples represent two composite samples collected from identical down hole intervals from 4 drill holes on two sections separated by 60 metres. The 1697.5 kilograms of ¾ split drill core was submitted for microdiamond analysis by Teck Cominco. This sample yielded a total diamond content of 0.54 carats, of which, only 14% is attributable to stones remaining on the 0.85mm screen or larger (0.075 carats). This is not consistent with other King Eider samples collected in 2005 or in the past.

The 679 kilogram sample collected in 2004 is nearly 3 times smaller than the ¾ split sample, yet it yielded 10 stones on or above the 0.85mm screen including a single 0.74 carat diamond. The total carat weight for this sample is 1.32 carats, of which, 1.09 carats is a contribution from the 10 coarsest stones. A total of 83% of the total carat weight is attributed to the coarse stones in this sample which is consistent with the 2005 trench sample.

The remaining 576.9 kilogram ¼ split portion of drill core, was submitted by Diamonds North to a different laboratory for microdiamond analysis. This sample returned a total diamond weight of 0.12 carats with 0.077 carats of diamonds remaining on the 0.85mm screen, 66% of the overall diamond weight. This high coarse diamond ratio is also more consistent with other King Eider samples. It would be expected that the ¾ split sample, which is three times larger than the ¼ split sample, would yield larger stones and a higher frequency of larger stones. In fact, none of the diamonds in the ¾ split sample reach the carat weights of the larger stones in the ¼ split sample. The inconsistency in distribution of the coarse diamonds between these samples suggests diamond loss or extreme diamond content variability within the kimberlite.

As part of the Company's due diligence for quality control, all sample residues were recovered from the original laboratory and a selected suite of sample residues were submitted to an unrelated and independent laboratory to audit the diamond observing and picking of the original laboratory. To date no additional diamonds have been recovered, indicating that diamond picking is of quality and ruled out as a possible problem. In addition, the Company has reviewed all drill logs and drill sections for King Eider in an attempt to identify any obvious lithological variations within the kimberlite that could account for the inconsistencies observed in the diamond results of the ¾ split core. No obvious lithological variations were revealed.


The 2005 trench sample and the ¼ split core sample are consistent with the 2004 sample demonstrating the propensity of the King Eider kimberlite to have large diamonds. The diamond results from the ¾ split sample are inconsistent with all other samples collected to date from King Eider. The company has concluded that either the kimberlite is extremely variable with regards to diamond content or there is unexplained diamond loss. The sample volume collected to date is too small to properly evaluate the kimberlite. The collection of a large sample should reduce the effects of erratic diamond distribution within the kimberlite body. Diamonds North's original recommendation of collecting a 5 to 10 tonne drill sample from the King Eider kimberlite remains valid and the Company plans to do so in the future.

Diamonds North now holds 100% interest in a total of 39 kimberlites on its Victoria Island claims. More than 80% of the Victoria Island kimberlites are diamondiferous and several bodies have returned significant diamond counts with favourable stone size distribution illustrating the potential for smaller high value deposits. Examples of small diamond mine opportunities in northern Canada include Tahera Diamond Corporation's Jericho deposit (in-situ value of more than $US600 million based on 5.5MT grading 0.85 ct/t)* and the De Beers Canada Snap Lake deposit (in-situ value of $US3.78 billion based on 18Mt grading 1.46 ct/t)**. The Company is currently reviewing different opportunities to advance several prospective bodies that demonstrate this potential. The 2006 exploration focus for Diamonds North will be the Amaruk project, Canada's newest diamond district, and the Hepburn project, an unexplored region on the diamond prolific Slave Craton (host to Canada's three diamond mines).

Graham Gill, P. Geo., is the qualified person reviewing project data for Diamonds North. Samples were processed by SGS Lakefield Laboratory and the Kennecott Laboratory (both laboratories are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to the ISO 17025 standard for specific registered tests). Re-picking was conducted by an unrelated and independent laboratory. The drill core was split by Teck Cominco under their guidelines and standards for quality control. The ¾ split sample was submitted to the laboratory under instruction from Teck Cominco. The trench kimberlite sample and ¼ split core was submitted to the laboratory under Diamonds North's guidelines and standards for quality control.

Diamonds North is a dynamic successful exploration team focused on strategically advancing diamond opportunities and is determined to discover Canada's next diamond mine.

On behalf of Diamonds North Resources Ltd.

Mark Kolebaba
President & CEO

For further information, please contact:
Corporate Communications: Nancy Curry
Diamonds North Resources Ltd.

The TSX Venture Exchange has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. Statements in this press release, other than purely historical information, including statements relating to the Company's future plans and objectives or expected results, may include forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on numerous assumptions and are subject to all of the risks and uncertainties inherent in resource exploration and development. As a result, actual results may vary materially from those described in the forward-looking statements.

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