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а Tue Apr 24, 2007
Char Kimberlite Yields High Diamond Counts All Drilled Kimberlites Prove to be Diamondiferous

а VANCOUVER, April 24th, 2007 - Diamonds North Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: DDN) announces high diamond counts from the Char kimberlite discovered on the Company's 100% owned Amaruk property in the Pelly Bay Diamond District. A 159.35 kilogram sample from Char yielded 178 diamonds including 6 macrodiamonds (>0.5mm in at least one dimension).

The Char kimberlite is the second highly diamondiferous kimberlite discovered on the property. Also highly diamondiferous is the Qavvik kimberlite which yielded 515 diamonds from a 379 kilogram sample (see news release NR07-07, March 29th, 2007). Both the Char and Qavvik kimberlites are targeted for mini-bulk sampling in 2007.

"Five out of five kimberlites drilled on the property are diamondiferous. Two of the five kimberlites, Char and Qavvik, are highly diamondiferous with greater than 1 diamond per kilogram. Given that Char and Qavvik are 35 kilometres apart Amaruk may be the first big diamondiferous kimberlite field discovered in Canada since Ekati and Diavik" states Mark Kolebaba, President and CEO of Diamonds North.

The Char kimberlite sample is a composite of drill cuttings from three depth intervals in a single drill hole. The upper most interval, Char 1 weighing 66.17 kilograms yielded 103 diamonds. A 49.97 kilogram sample from the second interval yielded 15 stones and 43.21 kilograms from the lowermost interval produced 60 diamonds. The Char kimberlite sample was collected using a reverse circulation (RC) drill. A certain amount of diamond loss is anticipated since a high proportion of this sample is pulverized (see photo - sample of Char RC cuttings )

The diamond sieve data for the Char kimberlite is shown in Table 1.




Sieveа Size (mm)



Weight (kg)








Char 1









Char 2









Char 3


















*9 additional diamonds were recovered below the 0.074mm screen.

Approximately 75% of the diamonds are octahedral in form, 14% of the recovered stones are fragments and 88% are white. The dimensions in millimeters for the three largest diamonds recovered from the sample are: 0.77 x 0.77 x 0.40; 0.77 x 0.40 x 0.40 and 0.68 x 0.40 x 0.43.

The Char kimberlite was penetrated 59 metres with a single drill hole. The estimated size of the Char kimberlite based on geophysics is 1.5 hectares.

Walrus & Beluga

In addition, results from the Walrus and Beluga kimberlites were received. A 388 kilogram sample from Walrus yielded 6 diamonds with the largest diamond remaining on the 0.212 mm screen. The Beluga kimberlite sample weighing 162.1 kilograms yielded 3 diamonds that remain on the 0.105 mm screen. Though the diamond counts are low, it is significant that all of the drilled kimberlites to date have proven to be diamondiferous, indicating that an extensive diamond fertile mantle exists beneath the property.

The RC drill cuttings were logged in secure facilities at the Amaruk field camp by geoscientists. Samples were securely sealed in solid containers and shipped to SGS Lakefield Research in Ontario for processing. The results presented here were processed by SGS Lakefield Research using their standard caustic fusion diamond recovery method. The 0.074 mm sieve was added to evaluate breakage during drilling. The samples were split on a riffle splitter prior to caustic fusion. SGS Lakefield is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada to the ISO/IEC Guide 25 standard for specific registered tests. As part of an ongoing Quality Control & Quality Assurance program, Diamonds North is conducting an audit of the results.

Bruce Kienlen (P.Geol) and Graham Gill (P. Geo) are Diamonds North's qualified persons reviewing these projects. They are responsible for the design and conduct of the exploration programs and the verification and quality assurance of analytical results.

About Diamonds North
Diamonds North Resources is the dominant explorer in the Pelly Bay region and is focused on discovering Canada's next diamond mine. The Company is rapidly evolving and committed to building long-term value through ongoing diamond discoveries.

On behalf of Diamonds North Resources Ltd.

Mark Kolebaba
President & CEO

For additional information please contact:
Nancy Curry
VP Corporate Communications
Diamonds North Resources Ltd.