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The effect of diamond exploration on the natural surroundings is directly dependent on the manner in which a company explores. Diamonds North uses current regulatory policy as its minimum standard of operation, and commonly exceeds government requirements.

Regional diamond exploration involves till sampling and geophysical surveying which takes place for only a very brief time period over large areas. Follow-up work involves local ground surveys that are completed in a matter of days.

With planning and an understanding of local wildlife activity there is minimal impact on the environment. When working near areas of sensitive habitat, Diamonds North employs wildlife monitors to assist in reducing disturbance.

Areas occupied by camps and work-sites are kept to a very small footprint to minimize disturbance. All materials, garbage and fuel drums are removed. Particular attention is paid to prevention of fuel spills.

The northern environment is a delicate, complex and integrated ecosystem with many components. Diamonds North, with its team of professional staff and advisors designs its programs to minimize environmental impact. а
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